Wondering what to expect during your appointment?

If you've never had eyelash extensions before you may be wondering how it works and what happens at your appointment. 

We will also give you hints and tips to get the best possible experience during your treatment.



Eyelash extensions are glued one by one to each natural lash by special tweezers. No matter which style you choose the application is basically the same but the equipment we use is slightly different. 

You will be lying down for the duration of the treatment with your eyes closed, depending on which style you choose this time will vary from 1- 2.5 hrs. 

You will have tape and eye pads on to protect your lower lashes and you may also have tape put on your upper lids to help the therapist get to every lash. 

Your lashes will be prepared by removing any oils with special pre-treatment solutions and brushed through.

The application then beings with each lash being separated as the extension is glued on to try and avoid them sticking together. 

Once all lashes have been applied, they are brushed through and using the tweezers they are checked that they are all separate.

Tips for a relaxing treatment

As you will be lying down for long periods of time, please make sure you have been to the toilet before your appointment time. 

Make sure your hair is in a comfortable position... believe it or not laying on a hair tie for that length of time is actually very painful.

We want this to be a relaxing experience for you. Pop your phone on silent and enjoy some time to yourself with no distractions 

If there is something, in particular, you would like to listen to during your appointment please let us know. If not just enjoy the random radio station in the background.

Wear comfy clothes. You can also get a bit chilly lying still for so long so make sure it's something warm.